Monday, April 18, 2011

Street Style Inspiration of the Day

You've probably overdosed on Coachella fashion (I know I have), so I thought I'd keep it a bit interesting by adding a cool fall look into the mix. This one caught my eye because of the sheer overlay she puts over her regular fall look. I think it brightens things up, and I hate to keep going back to it, but I am sure this is something you could totally see someone wearing at Coachella. SO you could kind of kill two birds with one stone. I like that the overlay is a different length than the look because it plays with proportions in a deliberate way that I think is daring and cool. Plus, with something that generic, you could layer it over just about anything. Especially love it for fall when it's least expected, paired with dark colors and thick knits and fabrics.

(photo: courtesy of All the Pretty Birds)

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