Monday, April 25, 2011

The Perfect Weekend Outfit

I was uber lucky that I got to spend part of my weekend with my style guru. Yes, that's Marina from She was in town visiting and aside from enjoying some leisurely, very European lunches, we got to dish on all things style and fashion. But aside from gossip and trying to make her give me direction for some key outfit moments over the summer, I was busy obsessing with what she was wearing. Her Sunday outfit was my fave. Totally casual cool. It had an edgy take on prep that I could really get behind. Instead of the regular skinny jeans that we all wear, hers were red. And she paired it with a totally casual think merino knit crewneck sweater that was perfect for the weekend chill. But her look didn't stop there. On her feet were the chicest velvet slippers that were the ultimate flat (WAY cooler than the ones on my feet). As if I already didn't envy all of her outfits, she outdid herself again, and sent me online scouring this morning to see how I can "recreate" similar looks taking her outfits as inspiration. If only she were in LA every weekend....Le sigh!

(photos: courtesy of Shopbop)

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