Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tip for the Weekend

Talking to a friend over lunch and the subject of the Hanky Panky sample sale came up. In New York, it's legendary. Those lines I talked about that wrap around corners? Yes, this would be that kind of event. So my friend told me that she heard the prices weren't as good as what she's scored at Nordstrom during their sale. And my obvious question was, but how do you know when they're on sale at Nordstrom? She let me in on a little tip. At Nordstrom (and a lot of other stores that work on commission), if you let the sales person know what you're looking for, they'll place a special call to you to alert you of a sale (and even let you shop a special pre-sale). If you're a tried-and-true shopper you may even want notifications when new things hit the sales floor. Just depends what you're looking for. Makes sense to befriend the gent behind the register or the lady watching you browse. They could be your greatest resource yet!

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