Sunday, October 10, 2010

Closet Curation

Being home sick always incites a bit of cabin fever in me and I end up pacing my apartment trying to figure out ways to occupy my time (I only had so many episodes of Mad Men on my DVR). A great way to spend a day at home? Cleaning out the closet of course, and trying to swap out some of my summer basics for fall's freshest finds. The best part? Stumbling across things that I forgot I owned, which I'll admit happens way too often. The most exciting (re)find was a pair of old Vince wool shorts. That's right, shorts. I kind of hate shorts, but the reason I love these is because they're meant for fall which means I can wear them with my favorite opaque tights. The heather grey color goes with just about anything and they look great with any kind of boot you can imagine. I may hate summer's cut-offs, but I do love winter shorts. And even though I can't imagine myself wearing them, I'm envious of anyone who can pull off some cute leather shorts with tights for fall. I'm just hoping the temperature actually drops in LA so I'll find a chance to wear them...

(photo: courtesy of Shopbop)

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