Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pairing Prints

I love coming up with ways to challenge conventional style rules. After all, they're boring and if everyone follows the same set of rules, what fun would that be? So I always thought that if you wore a print, you should only wear one, and pair it with other neutral pieces. If you wear leopard, pair it with black. A great plaid? Stick with denim or something in one of the colors that makes up the plaid print. Pairing two separate leopards together? Not even an option. But alas, did I have it wrong? Yet again? This picture shows a lovely lady in NYC wearing the ubiquitous trend in a really inventive way. As easily as I've taken to layering different plaids and stripes together, she's layered two separate leopard prints together in a way that's fresh--and makes you think that they actually go together. It's something I never would have considered before but it's making me think I just may need some new, fun prints to try the look out for myself. It's unusual and unexpected, which I think is just the right style to have.

(photo by The Glamourai)

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