Sunday, October 10, 2010


So for as long as I can remember (or for as long as I've been paying attention), ASOS has been one of the go-to sites for shopping fanatics. The only problem? It wasn't available to the US---yet. I like to think of the British website as kind of like a mix between a high-end H&M, Shopbop, and Urban Outfitters all rolled into one. It interprets the season's latest trends in pieces that are actually well made, and has cute cuts, and might I say, the very best jackets and coats around. So now we here in the states can have our fill of this UK fave (which has long been an obsession of Teen Vogue). Take a browse and you'll see why. I particularly love the shoes. They're like well-made versions of Steve Madden that you'll actually want to wear next year. 

(photo: courtesy of ASOS)

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