Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Novel Necklace Idea

So my parents just got back from Asia and all I keep hearing about is the pearls. My god, the pearls. Apparently there's a pair waiting for me and I keep thinking of how conservative pearls look. Those short strands are just not me. And if you know me but at all, I'm more of an oversized bauble kind of girl these days. So I keep smiling when I hear about the pearls and beneath that smile my wheels are turning. I'm trying to think of ways to make the pearls work--for me. So I've got an idea. In the spirit of my obsession, Fenton Fallon, I am going to intertwine a few necklaces together (one of which will be those trusty new pearls). Very crafty, I know. I have this big, rad chainlink necklace that was a vintage score from a few years back, and the links are big enough and the pearls small enough that I can weave one through the other. I'm even thinking of adding a pretty satin ribbon at the clasp to finish things off. All I had to do was look at what I already owned to make this new strand work for me--and my style.

(photo: courtesy of Culture of Cute)

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