Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HEARD: Club Monaco to Shopbop

I've made no attempt to hide my love for Shopbop. It's insanely easy, has the most incredible selection, and let's me act out my sartorial fantasies on a near daily basis (could their editorials be any better?). So when I heard that Club Monaco was going to be carried exclusively online by Shopbop, I paused in my tracks. I am notoriously horrible at finding anything at Club Monaco. I walk in super excited and leave disappointed--and empty handed--every time. So here's to hoping that now that those wizards over at Shopbop sort the merchandise and create cute outfits, I'll be able to find something great. Plus, there's something totally alluring about not having to try things on, those annoying sales people, you know, those "joys" of shopping. So I may be tempted yet again. Let's see if I can finally make it work. (p.s. if you want proof that these sites make these average brands look beyond amazing, please refer to J. Crew on Net-a-porter).

(photo by Garance Dore)

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