Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ebay Goes Fast Fashion

So apparently the fast fashion world is at it again. Now, yet another amazing designer is going to bringing their high-brow designs to everyone on a budget with a collection for Ebay. Yes, you heard me right. Ebay. The major online reseller has inked a deal with Derek Lam (who Rachel Zoe happens to D-I-E for) so that he will design a collection especially for the retailer at prices that are actually--gasp--affordable. The best part? Seems like the designer and retailer have realized how important shoppers like us are and are letting the crowd vote on some of the designs. Shopping by popular demand is in vogue. The collection won't hit the site for some time but looking at his dreamy runway shots and I'm already fantasizing at what might grace the screen of my Macbook Pro. A girl can dream....And thanks to Ebay, those dreams may be a reality, too.

(photo: courtesy of The Frisky)

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