Sunday, October 17, 2010

Designing Women (and Men)

Maybe it's because my apartment is so small, but one of my favorite ways to "decorate" is to find as many cool coffee table books as I can get my hands onto. It's become a mix of a hobby and obsession that I just can't seem to satiate. So low and behold, another winner that will be making its way onto my bookshelf. I think apart from the way someone dresses, the way they keep their home (be it a teensy apartment or sprawling manor) says a lot about someone's personal style. And what better way to get ideas than to take a sneak peek inside their pads? (And since someone is giving us the go-ahead, it's anything but creepy). It's the first reason I pick up Elle Decor, and why I loved Domino so much. I love seeing the things people collect, the fabrics they choose, and figuring out what their home says about them. This new book is coffee table elegant and has an inside look at the homes of major fashion designers like Diane von Furstenburg, who is essentially a goddess. Their homes may be out of my reach at present, but I'll no doubt pick up an idea or too just by having a look. A great way to get inspired and snag some ideas from real living legends.

(photo: courtesy of Assouline)

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