Sunday, October 3, 2010

In the Clutch

Back when I didn't know any better, I thought I needed the "It" Bag of the season. Didn't matter the price tag (or that I was being ridiculous), I thought I had to have it. What I didn't realize was that everyone had it too, which made me that much more unoriginal. So while I still pile all of my belongings into an oversized tote, day in and day out (I really do need to carry my Filofax, a lint brush, and notepad with me at all times), I do make a point of switching things out for night. My favorite is when I get to pare down what I carry and stuff just a few essentials into a cute clutch. Instead of the black leather one that's been treating me quite nicely for some years, I am on the hunt for something a little different. My little leopard number seems to be doing the trick, but so would one with some bright colors or jewel tones to accent my fall look. The search continues!
(photo: courtesy of Avelle)

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