Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Blue Heaven

So no joke, when I first read that the Repetto flagship (or mothership) is going to be offering completely customizable flats, my first thought was, "this has got to be what heaven is like."  Slightly embarrassing, but even more true. If I'm lucky enough to make it across the pond, I'll be able to choose not only the colors, but the straps, borders, laces, etc. from over 250 options. Metallic mary-janes? Yes, please. Some blue suede oxfords? How could I not? That means my boring black leather pair (which I've resoled a few too many times) will be delicately chucked off my balcony in favor of a cool, colored version that is uniquely my own. Some may call them slippers, but I call these bad boys my everyday uniform, and this may just justify a trip to Paris. What do ya'll think?

(photo: courtesy of Zoe online)

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