Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting Pinned

I've always thought pins were pretty grandma. I'm sure you'd probably agree. My mom and grandma both wear them on the lapels of their jackets and for some reason they love them. Now I'm not saying I'm going to go out and buy me some big insect pin (they love the insects), but I am thinking it may be an overlooked accessory. Considering I am trying to find new ways to wear what I already own, a pin may just be an easy and quick fix to what I've got. Paired on my simple black blouse that looks a bit boring by itself, it could be a conversation piece. Or I could use it to accessorize an otherwise basic scarf. Pinned onto the straps of a fabric handbag? A very cool addition. I'm still not entirely positive that pins are my thing right now, but I think I can start out small and see if they fit into my look and my lifestyle. They're a quick fix (the only kind I like) and they can make any boring old outfit just a little bit more interesting--and original.

(photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter)

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