Monday, October 18, 2010

A Little Switcheroo

Every day when I wake up I have nearly 20 emails in my Inbox. Bloomingdales, Barneys, The Zoe Report, Who What Wear...the list goes on. As annoying as I find it, sometimes, just sometimes I come across something that I'm glad I didn't delete. Case in point, this morning's email from Mulberry. I want nearly everything from Mulberry. Their fresh take on leopard prints and girly English charm is nothing short of perfection. But, getting everything I want from Mulberry just isn't on the agenda, if you catch my drift. But, considering I've been feeling just a little bit crafty lately, I am all about getting ideas about the high-ticket items I do like and figuring out ways to make them my own. On today's to-do list: Mulberry's lace-up heels with amahhhzing ribbon detail. I love the shoes, love the idea, and it's a pretty quick DIY project. I've found two pairs of shoes in my closet with removable straps. All I need is one trip to Mood or F&S Fabrics (or M&J Trimmings in New York) to find the perfect ribbon to replace the straps. The more colorful (and trendier) the better. I can swap them out to match the outfit, and dress them up to make some old heels look jazzy and new. It's a super quick (and cheap!) fix that's on my list...and a welcome alternative to those lustworthy (and pricey) Mulberry heels...

(photo: courtesy of Mulberry)

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