Monday, October 4, 2010

Love a Look Book

So apparently Ebay got the memo. Not only is street style fashion catching on as one of the best places to look for style guidance, but it's bringing street fashion mainstream--and to a whole new audience. Ebay has launched their new Lookbook application where fashionistas can upload pics of themselves in their favorite outfits (and poses). Viewers can then vote on which looks they like best, and when hovering over the image, Ebay makes suggestions of items on the site that can help you recreate the look. I am guessing it will take you to some affordable finds and vintage steals, along with secondhand designer wares that are frankly, what Ebay is all about. Sigh, if only The Sartorialist let me recreate the look so easily!

(photo: courtesy of L.A. Times)

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