Sunday, October 17, 2010

Technologically Savvy

So the other night I was lucky enough to talk to an incredibly talented designer, who was bringing her big city designs to open a breathtaking space on Melrose Place. While discussing her new store, her own mood board, and the fabrics she so skillfully uses, she let me in on a little secret. Turns out that her amazing prints aren't just some fabric she happens to like. She carries her iPhone with her wherever she goes, and loves taking pictures straight from her phone. Since she's holed up in Brooklyn most of the time, she usually focuses on nature, any kind of animals she comes across, and brilliantly colored sunsets. Once she gets a great photo, she uses photoshop on her trusty Mac to turn that photo into a new print. And voila, a new, unique design is born. What cooler way to come up with incredible patterns and vivid imagery. So next time you're toting your camera, see what you come across and toy around with it. Sometimes the images you'll stumble upon will be as inspiring as a cool new print. Head over to a fabric store and see if you can find something to match what you've just snapped. It's a foolproof way to make what you wear something personal to you.

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