Monday, October 25, 2010

A New Collectable

I know, I'm borderline obsessed. My growing number of coffee table books will soon need to be stacked underneath my actual coffee table--I have accumulated that many. But, alas, there's a new one that will soon be part of my ever-expanding collection. I was lucky enough to meet with an author a few years ago who asked for my help with some research on a book he was writing about famed photog Herb Ritts. Years later and the book is finally coming out, and frankly, how could I not? Seeing the images in person the other night (if you're in LA, they're at the Fahey/Klein gallery through December 4 and I HIGHLY recommend a trip), I realized just how talented Ritts really was. The movements, the motions he captured, and the respect he paid the human form. The biography is intriguing and the images are nothing short of breathtaking. Plus, for anyone looking to start collecting art, this is a good first step, no? It's a beautiful book to open up and gaze at and certainly an inspiration on taking art and style to new levels. So recommendation made, you'll certainly see it in my apt....

(photo: courtesy of Amazon)

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