Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cues from Copenhagen

If you're looking for really inspired style, something that none of your friends are wearing, looking abroad is almost a foolproof option. Sometimes turning your attention to some of the street style blogs that feature fashionistas in other cities is your best bet. Take Copenhagen Street Style, one of the most recognized street style blogs around, which showcases some pretty rad fashions all the way over there. This lovely lady struck my fancy because of the way she wears everything so well. Her leather jacket has cool leopard embellishments which is just plain awesome, and the way she wears her scarf as a kerchief is something I have never tried--but now kind of want to. The sweater dress? Well anyone could wear that and those wedges I've already got. The way she puts it all together is inspiring though and definitely is giving me some ideas. You dig?

(photo: courtesy of Copenhagen Street Style)

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