Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty Polishes

Sometimes, I am too much of a wuss to be really adventurous with color. White is safe, neutrals always work, and black seems to be universally flattering. So my quick fix? A manicure of course, the hotter the color the better. I've already tried out Essie's Sexy Divide (Thank you, Alyssa), test driven OPI's You Don't Know Jacques (Thank you, Jordan), and lusted after Chanel's Khaki Series (Thank you, Rachel Zoe). So now that I'm pondering what color tomorrow's manicure will bring, I am thinking I'll let myself indulge in a fun metallic that could end in my wardrobe but most likely will stay put on my nails. It's an easy (albeit, slightly wimpy) way to try out new fun colors and see what suits your skin tone best. From experience, my alabaster pallor DOES NOT look good with those mid-range browns. So go for a ride. A mani is sure as hell less expensive than a blouse and a fun way to try out the look for less--and for just one short week. I for one think that blue metallic NARS is calling out my name.

(photo: courtesy of The Lippmann Collection)

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