Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Perfect Silhouette

I've come to a realization. I am pretty sure everyone (and I even mean all those skinny minnies out there) look better in a flared skirt. Same goes for shorts. I think when the hemline flares out a bit (aka gives you some space between your thighs and the material), it's just better for everyone. Looking at the skirts that have come out for fall (and not so secretly planning pretty outfits for holiday parties that I hope are on my calendar), I keep coming back to these flared skirts. Even if your waist isn't teeny, the cut of the skirt will make it look like it is. Bottom line: it's super flattering, which is something that every young woman can get behind. There's a sparkly DVF one that's tiered with a pretty bell shape and this bright purple one from Jenni Kayne that would look amazing with an all black look. But no matter the fabric, I know that this shape is what's on my radar--and my shopping list.

(photo: courtesy of Shopbop)

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