Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eye Spy

So back when I lived in New York, I worked for Conde Nast. And on the first day of work (I think I was dressed in something awful from Ann Taylor), I stumbled into the storied cafeteria. It's this unreal futuristic space that offers not only the most incredible selection of food, but the most incredible selection of fashions. Every editor, assistant, and the like parades through that cafeteria in the coolest clothes I had ever seen. Somewhere in between placing my order for stir fry and sheepishly making my way over to the register I literally stopped dead in my tracks. Incredible style was all around me. Now as much as Vogue may be inaccessible, they've started a new series on their website that is totally relatable. They feature one of their staffers (Lucky does too, which I love) and shows the outfits they pick each day for a week. Now while most of us can't quite access the designer finds they're usually in, it's a great place to look for outfit ideas, trend inspiration, and great looks that you can (with a little tweaking) make your own. Here's the latest, a staffer that I am obsessed with, who always turns out adorable looks that I want to copy-cat stat. Consider it your own personal pass into the Conde Caf.

(photo: courtesy of Vogue)

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