Monday, October 4, 2010

Playing with Proportions

Ok, I'll admit it. I've become a slave to my J Brand jeans, and even though I resisted, the skinnier the better. But putting on my favorite pair this morning with a normal crewneck tee and I cringed. I did not like the way it looked--at all. I've figured out (through some not so cute trial and errors) that the jeans only look best (and I only feel my best) when I pair them with a longer tee. That's why I'm investing in some of Wilt's long, fishtail tees and tanks. The materials are deliciously soft and the hemlines are not only interesting, but flattering to boot. They help lean out my jeans in a way that makes me feel entirely comfortable in what I'm wearing...which is the point after all. Right?

(photo: courtesy of Shopbop)

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