Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Gap...yet again

So THIS is what I'm going to be wanting to wear this Spring! Sometimes as much as I love looking at runway photos and lookbooks I'm a little more Gap than I am Givenchy. I've become a loyalist to their jeans and can't help but be enticed by their inexpensive tees. So now that I'm looking at what they've presented, I am already planning my outfits. (Lame I know, but it's the way I work). I LOVE the way they've incorporated a pop of poppy into their usually monochromatic palette. The jeans look like they'll fit perfectly and that draped khaki jacket and striped tee? It just brings one word to mind: Score! Of course the collection is denim-heavy (it is Gap, after all), but there's a nice mixture of other materials and textures that make it fresh. Your new logo may have been a miss, but this new collection is a sure hit.

(photo: courtesy of Style.com)

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