Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finding Your Scent

My mom wears Chanel Number 19. I have a lot of friends who are loyal to Quelques Fleurs, and I went through a phase where I wore CK One. I know, I'm horrified, too. It's only now that I realize instead of buying the perfume that everyone else is wearing, your scent is something that you really can make unique to your style and personality. On my first trip to Paris I discovered Nina Ricci's L'air du temps, and on another, I fell in love with Hanae Mori. But now, I think I've stumbled across another new fave. I always have loved the smell of musk, but was afraid it was too much of a man's scent for me. Until I met my new fragrance at my friend's new store, In Residence. Their in-house blend (which I hope not too many have snatched up yet) has a perfect blend of musk and woodsy notes that is just right for the cooler temps. I even apply it before I go to sleep. I'm that obsessed. Treat yourself to a custom blend (Bond in NY and Fred Segal Apothia in LA have great options), or discover a blended scent that's off the beaten path (tons of stores/boutiques have their own fragrances). It's a great way to set yourself apart, and develop a unique piece of your style that you can really keep all to yourself.

(photo: courtesy of In Residence)

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