Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bundling Up

So back when I was abroad, ZARA was all the rage. Everyone would spend hours scouring the store and come out with millions of amazing finds. Those kind of excavation expeditions are not exactly my thing, and I have to admit, I avoid the ZARA store at Century City because it's way too overwhelming. But taking a look at their recently published October 2010 designs and now I know what I've been missing. THIS is what I want to wear this fall/winter. Granted the temp will have to drop significantly in LA, but what caught my eye was the way that each piece is just a little different than what you'd expect. The great oversized coat has bracelet sleeves (aka they hit above the wrist) which means you can play with proportion and let some fun prints and colors sneak out from underneath. Those harem/sweatpants look addictively comfortable and those shoes, my god those shoes. Not quite sure if I'd be able to walk in them, but if I did manage, I'd never take them off. Wonders what one little picture can inspire in an imaginative young lady like myself. Flip through their lookbook and see if you get any ideas...

(photo: courtesy of Zara)

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