Thursday, June 30, 2011

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

At the Gap preview that I got to attend, the menswear designer was talking about how some of their most popular cuts for men are the cropped styles. Totally strange and new and different and cool. I like that this shot from a fashion week in Europe captures a lady taking a cue from the guys. In this case it's super tailored pants on her with a cute cuff at the bottom. Now far from the cropped trousers that I used to wear (I shudder at the thought, they had a cargo pocket), these look super sleek and sexy while still showing that heel and a stretch of skin, too. I'm loving that the girls can play the same game as the big boys and this picture capture how the two complement each other. Not that I wear suits, but if i did, I'd absolutely invest in some cropped, shrunken pants for Fall. That said, I can still get separates and will most certainly have my eye out for shorter hems as Summer draws to a close. PS, it's also a fun way to transition through an Indian Summer by showing some unexpected skin with Fall's designs.

(photo: courtesy of StreetFSN)

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