Monday, June 20, 2011

One to Watch: Bauble Bar

I used to rely exclusively on Urban Outfitters for my jewelry. No joke, I could go there during school (in college UO was my in-between class hangout) and find something new for just about every occasion. Then once I started working, Banana Republic served the same purpose with uber-inexpensive jewelry that looked work-appropriate while still being cool enough. Now I rely on more everyday pieces (less statement jewels on an everyday basis) and I always love finding a few choice pieces to mix in with the studs and bangles look I wear every day. Bauble Bar was launched by a brainy beauty from my college and I am hooked on the concept. The prices are right and it lets you shop today's coolest trends (think rose gold, chain link, and more!) in a single curated space with trends, picks, and perfect prices. It's on my "favorites" list and it looks like it's on!

(photos: courtesy of Bauble Bar)

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