Monday, June 20, 2011

Must-Have Bag? Tribal Totes

Of you look through my college pictures (filled with parties and date parties and frat parties, oh my), there is one constant that seems to always be there. I had this cool, tribal-looking bag that was more of a sac, had cool beading, and I wore it just about everywhere. At my preppy East Coast school, it definitely set me apart, so I refused to put it down. While I can't remember exactly where I got it (I am guessing a street vendor in NYC), I can tell you that I loved wearing that bag. Now I am seeing the same ethnic trend all over and I am itching to find a more grown-up version of my fave bag. These colorful totes were sourced from Africa and have that mindful and eco-element that anyone could get behind. Plus their punchy colors and neons are exactly what my army-green and black-based wardrobe could use. I love that it's super casual for Summer and is durable enough that I won't cry when I spill guacamole on it (don't laugh, it seems to be happening on the reg these days). Could this be the perfect Summer bag--and a welcome alternative to the ubiquitous beach-bound straw tote?

(photos: courtesy of Shopbop)

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