Thursday, June 30, 2011

The OutNet's Style Suggestions

Ugh, I LOVE Net-a-Porter. I think I've read every article ever published on them (btw, their founder used to live in LA and went to UCLA!). Anyway, I have had a harder time getting behind their less luxe little sister, The Outnet. Sure the prices are better but I don't know, the merch seems old and it's just not as wow-y as the original. But, now that I'm getting a closer look at the ladies behind the site, there are both beauty and brains! They're all so uber stylish and they paired with T Magazine (the stylish supplement to the New York Times) to show outfits that they'd wear on certain/pressing occasions. Their knack for styling always inspires me and I love the complements of colors and unexpected combinations of designers, fabrics, and layers that are all new to me. Such a great idea for a story and now of course am going to have to bookmark the OutNet on my list of favorites.

(photos: courtesy of T Magazine)

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