Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Online Shop

I know. I rely heavily on Shopbop. This weekend I even bought an entire outfit (head-to-toe) from Net-a-Porter. When you need something to wear to a wedding, you do whatever it takes. That's why I'm always slightly giddy when I come across a new site that has super cute clothes. For some reason I have grown averse to buying things in regular brick-and-mortar stores, as they call them, and prefer the thrill of clicking to purchase. This site has a nice mix of super casual pieces that I can wear to work and dress up with some high-waisted flares and heels on the weekend, PLUS they love a relaxed silhouette, which frankly is my fave shape these days. Instead of the same oversized white tee (that I seem to have about 5 of now), they update the shapes in bright colors (think "I'm Here" red) and tie-dye. And if I wore shorts (which I don't), I think I would love those scalloped mint ones. Very cute, indeed!

(photo: courtesy of Fashion Enthusiast)

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