Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Best Layering Tool

I do totally love my denim Levi's jacket but when it comes to layering for fall, it's going to get a bit bulky. How to combat it while still using it to layer? Who knows! Well, that is until I was reading Lucky Magazine over the weekend (yes, I spent a lot of time with the magazine while traveling). They did a spread with actress Rose Byrne and there was one shot where she was layered so well with a beaded jacket (lust) over a jean jacket. But reading the credits closely and it's actually a jean vest! Brilliant! Whether I'm going to cut the sleeves off my beloved jacket, I'm not quite sure, but now I'm of course on the hunt for a denim vest that I can layer away come fall. Suggestions welcome. And thank you Lucky for hitting it out of the park.

(photo: courtesy of Lucky Mag)

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