Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Varsity Blues

If you know me or knew me but at all, you know I wasn't exactly the most stylish high-schooler. The jeans were ill-fitting, the cardigans too short, and the shoes just a holy disaster. BUT, I like the way that this designer (happens to be actress Chloe Sevigny) gives her line a sort of high-school feel. Now I didn't think I could get behind her, let alone get behind a collection that capitalizes on that awkward (with a capital A) time. But I think since it's done in such a fresh way, I can really love it. The letterman jacket, the colors (that look like your school "colors"), and the skirts that scream cheerleader (or my elementary school uniform). It's all of a sudden fresh when presented out of context...which kind of makes me love it.

(photo: courtesy of StyleCaster)

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