Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Illustrated Approach

Now when it comes to fashion, we're so used to seeing really over-produced shoots and then even street style photography that there's very little left to the imagination. We see exactly what we're supposed to see and there's really little left to interpret on our own. This blog of fashion illustrations I think piques the imagination just enough that you can interpret each "look" and image for yourself. It gives you an allusion to what the artist had in mind and a loose sketch of what he or she sees. But from there, it's a jumping off point. Looking at an illustration of a little black dress, I'm fairly certain that me and ten of my friends would all pick something very different off the rack. This blog of fashion illustrations lets you run with the ideas (which by the way are all gorge)...kind of makes you want to frame them for wall/desk art.

(photo: courtesy of Paper Fashion)

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