Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Summer in the City

I wouldn't know because I wore a scarf and two sweaters sitting outside at dinner tonight, but it's getting hot in some parts of the country. Here in LA it feels like June gloom is forever going to stay, but when it comes to living in the hot hot city, I remember being absolutely perplexed at the idea of having to dress for the heat and maneuver in the humidity. That's why I love finding blogs that show me what cute clothes other young ladies are wearing so I can recreate (aka copy) what they're wearing. This body-con dress may be a bit too clingy for me, but I think where this is going. I think the neutral colors are different than all of the other brights that everyone wears all summer long and just muted enough that you can get away with wearing it all the time. Talk about chic recycling!

(photo: courtesy of Mr. Newton)

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