Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Matchy Matchy

You can do matchy-matchy as long as you break it up somewhere, like this unconventional fuzzy pom pom necklace. I think without the necklace I would hate the way the green of the perfect Proenza top gets picked up in the skirt. I know if I were to try it on, I would make a face and say, "ugh, I look too mom-ish!" But I think if you pile on a totally clashing accessory like this fun, knit pom pom necklace in shocking pink you are so focused on the accessory that you forget what you're wearing underneath is matching. It's a great way to update some of those old outdated looks that may be really too well-matched by throwing something crazy into the mix. A necklace or even a cool broach or pin would work. Plus, you can do the same with some eye-catching heels in a crazy cool color. I'm thinking neon green.

(photos: courtesy of Canned Fashion)

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