Monday, June 6, 2011

Sheer Genius

Today I saw a girl at work wearing a short-ish skirt and a longer, sheer overlay on top. Frankly, it could have been two different skirts, I have no idea, but I like the way it was even sexier than just wearing a plain-old, boring short skirt. The sheer overlay gives the illusion of coverage. And even if it's just an illusion it somehow becomes all-of-a-sudden dressy. These pics look very etherial and almost angelic and I love the notion that you can rough up this sweet short meets long with tough details and maybe even pair a longer lace overlay over a short black skirt for a kind of new-age punk look. I think you can really pair any colors and textures so long as one is short, one is long, and you can play a bit of peekaboo with each.

(photo: courtesy of SheFinds)

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