Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Blog: New Closet Envy

Came across this adorable new blog called Song of Style, and of course the outfit pics were great, but once I found this "closet" pic, I became offish obsessed. I mean look at the way she displays her shoes on shelves in the living room. Sure, it may be for lack of space, but I also think they help communicate her style just as much as any art of picture frames would. Maybe I just like imagining my life if I had those shoes in it, but whatever the case, this picture makes me happy. Does my overstuffed closet have a reprieve in its future? Perhaps...Plus with shoes that are in and of themselves works of art (just look at those wood heels), I'm gonna argue that they deserve just as much apartment attention as the rest. Diggin' this cool new decorating tip.

(photo: courtesy of Song of Style)

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