Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Street Scene: Tales from Tokyo

One of the absolute easiest ways to get some really inspired ideas on how to dress a bit differently than all of your friends is by looking at street style from other cultures. But how, you ask? I love spending time at the newstand and pouring over foreign issues.  But, you can also get some great eye candy online, this a certain recent slideshow on WWD. This is one of my fave pics. For some reason the girls of Tokyo always have a touch of whimsy that we don't have here in the states. They always look to us like they're playing dress-up (almost cartoon character-ish) but to them it's totally normal, which is especially inspiring for a girl who often wears mostly black. The use of color is awesome and everything seems to be exaggerated, from the color to the hemlines to the contrast of patterns and fabrics. it's a great lesson to learn about taking risks and a great inspiration to have when it comes to trying something new.

(photo: courtesy of WWD)

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