Sunday, June 19, 2011

MUST-SEE: Tim Burton at LACMA

I honestly love when Helena Bonham Carter is nominated for an Oscar. Her outfits are just that good. She almost always ends up on someone's "Worst Dressed" list, but inevitably gets people talking. And of course, she's dating Tim Burton, the godfather of quirk. I think it's beyond cool that LACMA, which by the way is really starting to step up its game, is devoting an entire exhibit to the dark, and uber-bizarre filmmaker. Working with his gf all the time, they both have that eccentricity down cold (think Edward Scissorhands meets The Nightmare Before Christmas, and just about anything in between). The exhibit that is now at LACMA includes exclusive images and more that are bound to get you thinking...and maybe even dressing in a new, different way.

(photo: courtesy of LACMA)

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