Thursday, June 2, 2011

Street Style Inspiration for the Weekend

I love the way this model looks straight out of the '50s. I mean literally, if I didn't know this was taken a few weeks back in Milano, I would have thought it was an old photo. She looks totally timeless. What is it about us these days that you can automatically tell what decade (or even year!) someone is in. Is it the way we wear it or what we're actually wearing. I think it's a call to dress more classically. In fact, today while perusing the Barneys sale shoe options, I saw some that were totally trendy. Of course I wanted them but I stopped myself because I knew that in a year from now I would want a pair of near rainbow colored elastic platform sandals. This woman's picture should be taped onto my fridge (or onto my dresser mirror for that matter) as a constant reminder that classic is in, and it will always be in.

(photo: Courtesy of Altamira)

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