Thursday, June 9, 2011

How To: Organizing Your Jewelry

Bestill my OCD heart, but this picture makes me incredibly happy. After complaining that my own jewelry organization sucks (I just don't have enough room!), this image gives me inspiration yet again. Of course one day I'll have a real, live breathing built-in with a special velvet drawer to house all of my jewels. But in the meantime, hyper-organization is going to have to suffice. Someone suggested I get one of those hanging bags with clear containers (at least I would be able to actually see what I have), and I'm actually considering devoting an entire dresser drawer to my cause (a major deal considering I have next to no closet space already). Any suggestions would be much appreciated, as I am currently at a loss. In the meantime I'll just stare off at these pictures looking in a fit of jealousy instead.

(photo: courtesy of The Coveteur)

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