Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What You SHOULD Wear

All the rage right now are style "experts" like Stacy London and Tim Gunn, the type who tell you that to dress for your body type you should hide your flaws and conceal your worst features. It tears at women's self esteem and teaches them to hate parts of their body. I think there's actually a different way to look at it. Instead of downplaying what you don't like, play up what you do like! I love the nape of my neck. I think it's a really pretty part of a woman's body and I think when you show it (because so few women really do), it totally catches the eye. So when I'm shopping I usually look for pieces that really draw attention to it, like off-the-shoulder shirts and sweaters, no matter the season. This thick knit is perfect for fall but with a hint of shoulder it's subtly sexy, too. I can cover up while still not looking too modest, and feel comfortable and confident in what I'm wearing. The perfect combination.

(photo: courtesy of Revolve Clothing)

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