Monday, September 20, 2010

Just one of the guys...

Talking to one of my friends the other day and she wanted some styling advice (boy, do I have her fooled!). Given her petite frame, I knew exactly where to direct her. I envisioned her with a bit of preppy flair, pairing some skinny jeans with a great scarf, some flats, and a classic blazer for day or night. Her first stop? The boys' department. If I had a slight build, I'd race to Crewcuts or Brooks Brothers to check out what they had on the racks for the kiddos. I even love a cropped sleeve, so the shorter, the better. Seeing as I'm not petite, I won't make it to find that boys' blazer, but you may just find me scouring the racks of the men's department. I'm in the market for an oversized flannel to wear all belted up for fall. Thinking a men's sized small or medium may just work out perfectly.

(photo: courtesy of Brooks Brothers)

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