Monday, September 13, 2010

I Can't Stand the Rain...or Can I?

So Hunter's Wellies have been all the rage for a while. Every fashionable lady has a pair (hell, even Kate Moss waded in the Glastonbury mud in hers). So I've figured that this was as good as raingear was going to get. But now I've seen that one of my absolute fave shoe designers, Loeffler Randall, has a pair of rain boots for the winter season. Their shoes have gotten a bit overpriced in my humble opinion, so these rubber boots have an enticing price tag that can't be beat. They're fashionable enough to wear all day long, and not as clunky as those normal knee-high versions. I can easily stash these lace-up booties under my desk when I get into the office...that is if ever want to take them off!

(photo: courtesy of The Los Angeles Times)

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