Sunday, September 19, 2010

Belting It Out

One of my least favorite magazine features (I'm serious, I hate it), is the "Dress For Your Body Type" that every magazine from InStyle to Lucky uses in nearly every issue. I'm definitely not long and lean, and I don't think I'm pear shaped, so how am I supposed to figure out what to wear and how to wear it if I can't figure out what body type I am first? I look at their options and every time I settle on the fact that I'm a's the only shape that seems to make any sense. So I used to wear waist belts with dresses back in my fancier New York days, but wearing them now with my somewhat waistless body seems like an odd pairing. Instead, I've found this great skinny belt that wraps around twice, and manages to give every single look such polish. I particularly like wearing the belt wrapped twice around my cardigans for fall, since it lets me pretend that I have some shape. I found an alternative that worked for me and I didn't have to listen to some dumb magazine article that didn't make sense to me. Well played, Lex. Well played.

(photo: courtesy of Jenni Kayne)

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