Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back to the Jewelry Basics

So, as you've noticed, I've become a huge fan/collector of oversized jewelry of late. There are the souped-up friendship bracelets, lucite bangles, metal cuffs, Fenton/Fallon for J. Crew bib necklace. The list goes on, and embarrassingly on. But what I'm realizing is that as much as I loved these huge, stylish baubles, I might need a basic or two. It's like putting underwear on before getting dressed. Granted, I want this underwear to be Hanky Panky chic, but I want something to dress down to, for those uber-casual days when those layered jewels just won't do. So I'm on the hunt for a classic, simple pendant necklace. Of course I'll layer all those other big necklaces over it, but I want a small starting off point that'll become a part of me. I want people to see it and think of me, and I want it to become an irreplaceable part of my everyday look. So the hunt continues as I consider my options. Keeping my eyes peeled and doing a bit of research before I commit...

(photo: courtesy of Maya Brenner)

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