Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Weekend DIY

As I've admitted, I've become somewhat addicted to my army green purchases. These loose-fitting, perfectly comfortable army trousers are part of that long list. So now that summer's over, and I'm supposed to be packing them in, I'm having a bit of separation anxiety. The weather in L.A. is still mildly summer-like, but I know I should be all about shearling and knits. So here's an idea that all you DIY queens would be proud of. I'm going to pick up a pair of waffle long underwear, take both pieces over to my trusty tailor, and have him line my favorite pants with a little wintry element. Not only will they actually be warmer, but when cuffed they'll look perfect for fall--and beyond original. It's a great little trick to update your favorite summer slacks if you're stubborn like me and refuse to part ways. And depending on the lining (wool, knit, flannel, etc.) you can customize them to be entirely unique to your style. The more cuffed, the better! 

(photo: courtesy of Ron Herman)

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