Thursday, September 16, 2010

Socks + Loafers

So I already told you that it's possible to wear tights and open-toe shoes (I know---the horror!), but I've got another one up my sleeve that you can challenge yourself with this weekend, season, or whenever. It's something that I've been seeing that I may just have to try: socks and penny loafers. You can find the socks anywhere, doesn't matter the color, though I'm on the hunt for a thin, grey pair for myself (they should hit just above the ankle). The penny loafers? While I may be dreaming of Miu Miu's studded version, I'll probably end up with a more practical pair like ones from Bass. But no matter where they're from, I'll still be able to rock the look--preferably with some cropped pants or a cute mini. Sounds like a perfect alternative to all the boots I'll be wearing all too soon.

(photo: courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue)

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