Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Velvet: Would You Wear It?

Now I am going to try and talk something out with all ya'll. Velvet. It kind of makes me cringe, thinking of the crushed velvet I have worn in my past, but I do have a soft spot for the black velvet blazer I wore expertly through college. But these days velvet seems to be firmly placed in my rear view mirror. But stop. Alexa Chung incorporated some velvet shorts (yes, shorts!) into her line for Madewell. So despite me thinking that pretty much everything she wears is adorable, is velvet really back? And if so, does that mean we should wear it? Entirely not sure how I feel but my sneaking suspicion is no, it's not going to happen. Sure, they look hella cute on this model, but let's face it, they won't look like that on me. One style does not fit all, so going to have to do some thinking--and trying on--before committing to this resurgence.

(photo: courtesy of Madewell)

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