Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In honor of one of the greatest days EVER, I figured it'd be an epic fail if I didn't call out the significance of 9-02-10. I have an uncanny ability to watch episodes of 90210 over and over again until it hurts (thank you, Soapnet) and can pretty much compare any situation in real life to an episode of the show. (If you think I'm talking about the new version, you should probably just stop reading here.) So why not pay homage to my favorite zip by taking a little sartorial inspiration from the girls of West Bev. Now while I still to this day think that I'm Andrea Zuckerman (I mean, we both are from the val), for today I am going to say that I like Brenda's style best. Brenda in the days she was dating Dylan in high school, wearing too-high Levi's, matte silk button-down blouses, what I think were cowboy boots, and that briefcase type bag she carried on her shoulder. It was sophisticated and could probably be pulled off today. So are you a Donna in her lycra bodysuits? An Andrea in her blazers and glasses? Or a Kelly in her babydoll dresses and long, flowy skirts? Take the day to find your 9-0 style.

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